Financial Information

How to get money from ASWU

  • There is an unallocated account with a significant amount of money in it to be spent each semester by the general student body.
  • Money from this account is accessed through the requisition process.
  • The requisition process is as follows:
    • Contact the financial vice president to discuss the proposed spending. He or she will be able to give you advice and determine if the expenditure will fit within the guidelines of the financial standard operation procedures of the ASWU.
    • Fill out a requisition form (PDF) and submit it to the FVP who will arrange a time for you to present in front of the Finance Committee.
    • The Finance Committee will discuss the requisition and take action as necessary on the proposal.
    • If your request is approved, the FVP will discuss with you the options for disbursement of the monies.

Finance Committee

  • Comprises eight people, four students from the ASWU assembly and four students at large.
  • The Finance Committee meets once a week to discuss requisitions that have been submitted. The person who submitted the requisition is invited to come and present the idea to the committee and then be questioned by the committee to bring up any potential problem areas with the requisition.
  • The committee then discusses and decides the action to be taken based upon the questions they have asked and the general criteria for funding as outlined in thefinancial standard operating procedures.
  • If the requisition is under $300 the Finance Committee may have the final say on the issue. If the requisition is over $300, the Finance Committee will make a recommendation and it will be passed on to the assembly to discuss with their constituents. The assembly will then vote on the issue when their constituents have been consulted.

Budget Committee

  • Following the ASWU general election, the newly elected Financial Vice President shall form and chair a budget committee comprising of the new and old executives, the Director of Student Activities, the ASWU Bookkeeper, four (4) members of the Assembly and four (4) members of the student body at large.
  • There shall be a mandatory budgeting pre-meeting the week before the budget committee meets. For each group requesting funds from ASWU, the new and old president, coordinator, or representative must be present. If attendance is not possible, arrangements must be made with the newly elected FVP for an alternate meeting time. The newly elected FVP shall provide account balances to each group and explain the budgeting process.
  • The newly elected Financial Vice President shall notify the college community of the procedure for requesting funds through the budgeting process within two weeks of the ASWU general election. Specifically, s/he shall notify each group that was budgeted for the previous year, and all chartered organizations, that they need to submit a Budget Request Form in order to be considered for funding. S/he shall provide assistance to any group that needs help in submitting a budget.
  • The new and old financial vice presidents must provide a copy of the financial standard operating procedures to the budget committee before the first meeting date. A copy of the previous year's budget must also be provided for committee members before the first meeting.
  • The budget committee, based on a recommendation by the college Vice President for Business Affairs, shall determine the ASWU projected revenue for the following fiscal year.
  • The budget committee shall hold hearings to question each of the chartered organizations and general program areas as to their particular budget. The budget committee shall then determine the legitimate budget request and make any adjustments to this amount as deemed necessary from the criteria set by the previous budget.
  • For each group requesting funds, the new and old president, coordinator, or representative shall present together.

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