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If you have any questions please feel free to call the ASWU president at 509.777.4559 or the ASWU front desk at 509.777.3276.

  • HUB Art Gallery Information - Sponsored by ASWU
    Considering submitting your artwork to the HUB Art Gallery, but you need more information?
  • ASWU Weekly Meetings:
    Here you will find the meeting minutes in addition to the times, dates and places where the ASWU will hold its weekly meetings.
  • Committees
    Interested in serving on a committee? Check here to explore the options available to you.
    • Elections
      Interested in serving as dorm senator, representative, or student body president? Here you will find job descriptions for elected leaders, elections guidelines, timelines for upcoming elections, and an application for elected officials.


  • ASWU Hired Staff
    Interested in being an ASWU coordinator, HUB manager, information-desk manager, or the ASWU secretary? Check here for job descriptions, deadlines, and applications.


  • Financial Information
    Check here for the current ASWU budget, information on the requisition process, a requisition form, information regarding the finance and budget committees, and a report on recently passed requisitions.


View the Spring 2018 Campaign guidelines here.

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