Associated Students of Whitworth University


Whitworth's student government, known as the Associated Students of Whitworth University (ASWU), welcomes you!


Mission Statement

We, the Associated Students of Whitworth University, in order to meet our student needs, aspire to empower our diverse community by fostering personal relationships, translating open dialogue into holistic programming, and pursuing an inclusive campus environment.

The ASWU's role is twofold:

  1. To faithfully represent the student body's perspective on a wide variety of concerns and issues to the administration, faculty, and staff of Whitworth University and to the Spokane community, and
  2. To address the issues that confront the Whitworth student body.


The Associated Students of Whitworth Uniersity (ASWU) is composed of four executive officers, the president, the exucutive vice president, the financial vice president and the executive administrative assistant. These officers lead the student body as a whole to ensure that everyon'e needs can be met. ASWU is also comprised of eight coordinators, who specialize in a specific area. The positions include campus activities, sports events, sustainability, senior class, marketing/pr, special events, spiritual life and cultural events.  The coordinators are responsible for programming events within their specialized areas. In addition to the executives and coordinators, each residence hall has a senator and a zone representative, who represent their specific residence hall. Each senator and zone representative has voting power. The entire ASWU Assembly, composed of all the positions mentioned above, gathers every Wednesday at 5:00p.m in Chambers (upstairs in the HUB). You all are welcomed to attend our meetings!

We hope the information you find within these pages is helpful and gives you a sense of the ASWU's mission and how the ASWU defines itself.

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